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A Simpler Way To Invest In The Coming Electric Car Boom

By Max from OneStock  Nov 22, 2019

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Everybody knows gas guzzlers have been the American way for the past 100 years.  

My first car was a red 89’ Camaro and I’m still kicking myself for trading it in on something more… “sensible”...   

But when it comes to investing in stocks I realized a long time ago you can’t let your personal preferences blind you to the writing on the wall.  And what’s that writing saying to us right now? 

We’re going Electric, whether we like it or not.  

And nowhere is that going to be more impactful than in the auto industry.  You’ll soon see why Silver is going to play a huge part. And how Silver could be your golden ticket to an early, or at least more cushy retirement.  

So hop in and buckle up.  Take a quick ride with me to find out what’s really goin’ on with these EV’s, electric vehicles. 

Right now, electrics and hybrids account for only about 2 percent of all auto sales worldwide.  What most people don’t know is that the auto companies are spending only about 1% of their advertising money on Electrics and Hybrids.  

That means they’re getting a 100% return on their adspend.  And it’s only on a tiny sliver of their billion dollar advertising budget. That’s insane!  

In short… they know this electric car thing is an untapped goldmine. 

And I suspect that behind the scenes they’ve been working overtime to bang out the kinks before they go all in.   It won’t be much longer before they dump a lot more money into advertising EV’s.  Then my friend, these battery buggies will be off to the races. And trust me, you’ll want to be along for the ride.

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Why do I believe the American’s will adopt electric cars in a big way? 

  1. They Save You Lots Of $$$ — I’ve read estimates of fuel cost at 3 to 4 cents per mile.  That’s like buying gas at $1 per gallon for a 30 mpg car! 
  2. They’re Easy To Own -   Electrics need way less maintenance. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather spend my money on a vacation than a new carburetor.  And last but not least...
  3. Because Everybody Else Thinks So Too -  Bloomberg New Energy Finance has gone on record saying that “EV sales will grow 30-fold in the next decade as automakers roll out hundreds of new models and prices fall.” They believe EV’s will outsell gas and diesel models by 2040.

So how do you play this from an investment standpoint?  Do you buy car stocks?  

You could.  But you’re probably much better off going in sideways.  You buy the materials…. The stuff they actually need to build the cars.  A lot like Levi Strauss or that ‘shovel maker guy’ selling shovels to the gold miners in 1849.  

So what do all these cars need?  They need Silver. And they’re going to have to get it from somewhere.  And frankly, there’s not a whole lot to be had, according to Jeff Clark.  (Watch his presentation here if you want to find out why.) And that’s where the real opportunity comes in for us as investors.  

Look... I gotta be honest.  Silver and silver stocks have never really gotten me that excited.  But after watching the Jeff Clark presentation, I’ve had to seriously rethink my whole viewpoint on Silver.  Like I said, personal preferences can blind you to the real opportunity. And I see tonnes in the Silver market right now.  

The problem is that there are so few silver plays out there that Actually let you invest in silver alone.  The top silver stock right now only produces about 50% of its overall output as silver. You might as well buy silver coins.  

But everybody knows the stocks will rise way more because they’re leveraged to the price of the metal.  So stock is what I want, not just the metal. I’ll leave the coins to the preppers and the off-gridders. 

There’s really only a handful of Silver stocks out there right now that actually mine silver.  And only ONE, that I know of, that focuses EXCLUSIVELY on producing silver. That company is Aftermath Silver.  And once you read the rest of this post you’ll see why it’s caught my attention.

If you want to invest in the Silver boom, Aftermath is probably the single best way to do it.  (Update Jan 10, 2020:  Aftermath's Ticker is now AAGFF click here for the current stock chart

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Here’s A few Things You Need to Know about Aftermath Silver before you pull the trigger:  

They’re based in Chile - Chile is one of the safest, most politically stable regions for mining. In fact it’s economy was built on Silver way back in 1853.  Unlike some other countries they love miners and protect their operations religiously.  

They have a highly experienced team with many mining successes under their belts already.  Their roster is too long to list here, but you can check their website to see that these folks are the real deal.   

As far as properties go, they currently have two fantastic projects...   

#1  The Chalocallo Property - Challacollo silver project, has a 37 million-ounce high-grade silver historic resource.  . The property comes with a substantial potential to add ounces. Underground sampling suggests a potential 20 million ounces ignored in the latest resource estimate.

#2  The Cachino Property -  The Cachinal property and has a current NI 43-101 silver resource of just over 22 million ounces. Aftermath is paying a total of $3 million for the project over a three-year period. That works out to about CA$0.15 per ounce of silver.  

Right now the spot price of silver is around CA$23.00 per ounce.  Of course there are costs to get it out of the ground. Yet the potential is huge for Aftermath and whoever is quick enough on the draw to get in on the ground floor. 

Whatever you decide, make sure you don’t let the Silver boom take you by surprise. 

I’ve got a feeling Silver is going to catch a lot of people off guard.  Recently David Morgan said “People will flock to $30 silver”. I think he’s more right than he knows.  It could be sooner. 

People complicate investing when there’s really no need to.  If you want to make money in stocks, it’s simple. You buy when sentiment is low.  And sell when it’s high. Sentiment is still at an all-time low on Silver. And if you need more convincing I can think of no better way than to direct you to the Jeff Walker talk.  

He actually mentions some silver plays in there at the end. But at the time of this video Aftermath wasn’t around.  You’ll see how it meets all his criteria and more…. And actually how it’s likely a better option than even his recommendations. 

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